Mark the Giant


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to be known as football man

The Giants really aren't thinking about keeping Michael Morse, are they? - McCovey Chronicles

Japanese Slugger Tries to Hit 186 MPH Fastball

The emergence of Munir El Haddadi

Stupid Giants lose stupid game in stupid fashion

This Guy Bought 400 CASES of Beer at a Vegas Night Club, Built Gigantic Wall of Beer Around Table

Pretty awesome.

Real Madrid & Atletico - six trophies apiece since 2010 despite a €465m difference in net spending -

The San Jose Sharks have lost their minds -

I agree 100%. And lets not forget that their step 1 was to fire Drew Remenda. What does that accomplish? I don’t know. Stripping Joe Thornton of captaincy doesn’t accomplish anything on the ice either. Hard times ahead sharks fans…

Jack White takes batting practice with Rockies, finally seems happy about something

Mourinho: Barcelona played Fabregas out of position... Chelsea won't make the same mistake -

Mourinho still taking shots at Barça. Can’t say I’m surprised.